Frequently Asked Questions 

How is Usage Calculated?

Our readings are based on water meter readings received by Zelienople Borough, Harmony Borough and Pennsylvania American Water.  We do not bill for a unit of usage unless a full 1,000 gallons was used.

What is a Deduct Meter

If you are watering your lawn, power washing, or filling a pool a deduct meter is recommended.  A Deduct Meter is attached to the line going to the outside hose bib and will keep track of the usage that did not go down your drain. The amount used that was a full 1,000 will be subtracted from what your total water usage was for the billing period.  We sell them at cost for $183.00 and once installed by a plumber we will need to inspect the installation prior to reading.

Filling a Pool?

We offer a one-time credit for filling a pool. Pictures are required to show the pool empty and during the filling. Once filled pictures and dimensions are needed to determine the appropriate credit.

Note:  We will only approve one pool filling credit. We recommend a deduct meter if large quantities are used often. Please see “What is a Deduct Meter”

How do I sign up for Autodraft/ACH

To sign up for our Autodraft program please go under the resources tab and go to our forms section to find the ACH Audodraft Form.  Fill out the form and return it with a voided check to us and we will get you signed up.

How to signup for Ebilling

If you would like to signup for E-Billing you will need to first have an online account.

Once you have an account first log in under the Pay My Bill tab.  While on the home page of your account, on the right side under User Profile select "I want to change my communication preferences. " Under Correspondence you will be able to select by Email or Paper.

Note: You will need your account number and phone number associated with the account to create an online account. ​